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"One important element is how much we can improve our collective ability to cope with complex problems' urgency. And that shifts in the way of working and evolves."
Engelbart and team working with networked NLS computers

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About collaborative computing

Collaborative Computing <1968>

What we're saying: we need a research subject group to give them these tools, put them to work with them, study them and improve them. Aha. We'll do that by making ourselves be the subject group and studying ourselves and making a tool so that they improve our ability to develop and study these kinds of systems and to produce, in the end, this kind of system. It's a struggle doing it that way, but it pays off.

And then it was really neat, you know. The feeling out there in our laboratory is people doing their work. "Their work" meant all our work: our memoranda, stuff like that, has been done in this environment: structured hypermedia environment. It's sort of like that. We can move around and talk much more flexibly than the World Wide Web can move around the world today.