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"We use this tool to do our daily work. And it's our system, this time-sharing system."
First production version of the NLS

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NLS (oNLine System) <1967>

And now I'd like to stop a minute and just make sure you understand we're shifting to the real working stuff in case you wouldn't recognize it otherwise. We've gone from getting one console, to getting about six working, then twelve.

When we talk about NLS being the on-line system, a very general term, it's going to be NLS for many, many years, an on-line system that has evolved. We consider it to be primarily an instrument and a vehicle for helping humans to operate within a domain of complex information structures.

We start by building an instrument that we could sit at and work during our day to organize the kind of working information we need as a task force developing systems. We needed to write our specifications, our plans, our programs, our users' guides, our documentation, our reports, and even our proposals.