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Navigational interface from Lynn
Hershman's Deep Contact

Technical Information

This site has been optimized for playback at connection speeds of 56K or above, on a version 4.0 or above Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. The site has been created for a minimum 640/480 display in order to insure its effectiveness in classroom presentation systems.

The site requires the current Macromedia Flash and RealPlayer plug-ins.

If you have any questions regarding the technical requirements, or if you are experiencing technical problems, please send an email to [email protected].

About the

This site is designed as a hypermedia tool to explore the historical and ideological precedents of multimedia. The navigational aids listed below will help the user discover the rich web of hypertextual relationships that connect these ideas and concepts.

The navigation symbols, all coded in red, function as follows:

back arrow (top right of navigation bar) – go back to the page you came from or through a history of pages.

straight up arrow –  takes you up to the next hierarchical level in the current section.
top of page arrow – takes you to the top of the page.
past arrow – mouseover scrolls the Pioneers timeline and other scrolling pages in reverse.
forward arrow – mouseover scrolls the Pioneers timeline page and other scrolling pages forward.
infinity sign – loops you full circle on the first and last pages of the Pioneers timeline's explanatory text.
down arrow – takes you down to explanatory text.
next arrow – takes you to the next page.
previous arrow – takes you to the previous page.
filmstrip icon - links to video clip