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"Participants are invited to follow their instincts as they are instructed to actually touch their guide Marion on any part of her body. Adventures develop depending upon which body part is touched."
Guide Marion beckoning the viewer in Deep Contact.

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Excerpt from Deep Contact

Deep Contact <1989>

Deep Contact directly involves the body of the viewer/participant who were required to touch the computerscreen. Viewers choreograph their own encounters in the vista of voyeurism by actually putting their hand on a touch sensitive screen. This interactive videodisc installation compares intimacy with reproductive technology, and allows viewers to have adventures that change their sex, age and personality.

The leather clad protagonist invites "extensions" into the screen and the screen becomes an extension of the viewer/participant's hand. Touching the screen encourages the sprouting of phantom limbs that become virtual connections between the viewer and the image. A surveillance camera was programmed to be switched "on" when a cameraman's shadow is seen. The viewer's image instantaneously appears on the screen, displacing and replacing the image.

An erotic, interactive touch sensitive videodisk Deep Contact compares intimacy to technology. Viewers can have adventures with the guide and have options of changing sex or personality.

[Deep Contact was created In collaboration with Sara Roberts.]