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" The BOOM is a counterbalanced CRT-based stereoscopic viewing device that enables interactive, real-time viewpoint control in a 3D environment generated by computer or camera. "
Viewing a virtual world through the BOOM system

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Demonstration of the BOOM VR system

BOOM <1988>

The interface to this virtual world is a telepresence display device called the BOOM (Binocular Omni-Orientational Monitor) and is referred to as a "head-coupled" display. This process is very similar to using a pair of binoculars that provide a movable, wide-angle window into the virtual space. The BOOM incorporates very wide field-of-view optics and two independent CRT displays packaged together as an integrated viewing head with user hand grips and buttons for viewpoint manipulation. In addition to the interface advantages of the BOOM, it uses mechanical tracking technology to overcome many of the limitations associated with magnetic trackers. As a result, images presented on the BOOM are typically more stable and respond more quickly than on head-mounted systems.